Sort out the measurement, focus on your story

Some thoughts following the Institute of Fundraising’s National Convention

Bear with me as I learn to blog and try to think about what I want to focus on after the IOF National Convention earlier this week. Lots of things stuck in my mind but two themes are where I’m focussing.

1. Focus on your story

And don’t forget it is your story – own it. Easy to say, or tweet, but hard to do sometimes. That’s what I’m taking away from AJ Leon’s IOFNC presentation. He’s a guy that can own a story. Even if he did finish in half the time (It may have been a third, then up to the halfway with questions), it really didn’t matter.  AJ conveyed the right amount of information and, more importantly, he was passionate and, I thought, inspiring. He owned his story warts and all. I thought the timing issue showed some refreshing openness of character. I liked it when, on stage, AJ reminded himself “that’s why I should always listen to my wife!” I think he practices what he preaches and I look forward to the hour of video conference I bagged after his gig.

2. Sort out the measurement

If I want to successfully focus on telling the Muscular Dystrophy’s Campaign’s and Bexley Moorings Project’s story this year and beyond, I don’t want to be worrying about metrics. Lots of presentations exhibited, used or preached about measurement – ‘measure everything’ I was told. Nailing those KPIs down – when I need to deliver what and when – at the beginning of the year, or planning process, is like putting my shoes on in the morning. They help me get where I’m going but I’m not thinking about them all the time, because I’m focussing on my story.

That’s if for now, a short first attempt at blogging but I think I’ll get better.


About medavep
I work in the UK charity sector and sometimes I blog about fundraising, digital and consumer experience. Sometimes I just moan.

4 Responses to Sort out the measurement, focus on your story

  1. Great post, thank you for sharing!

  2. AJ Leon says:

    Great post, bud, and thanks so much for the shout. 🙂

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