Share your event – it’s fun and it helps!

In preparation for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign’s National Conference where I shall be talking and running a social media workshop, I am putting up a few blogs to show people the basics of social media. A few examples of how it is being used to support the charity and why.

So here’s my 1st example, our recent collection at a Rangers match.

A team of volunteers, with the support of our Scottish fundraising team, managed to collect over £1,000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign in about 1.5 hours. Great stuff! But Gary Kernahan, our Head of Volunteer Fundraising, also took the opportunity to share this on Twitter and let as many people know as possible what he and the volunteers were up to. He tweeted at the venue in advance and updated them with a photo on the day. Check out all those volunteers:

Volunteers at the Rangers match

Volunteers at the Rangers match

This in itself it quite a nice thing to do, it recognises all the volunteers and spreads the word about our fundraising, fortunately though the good people at Rangers also tweeted it out to their followers.

This has a massive effect on the number of people Gary could reach, it leapt up by over 8,000 according to tweet reach:

Tweet reach

Rangers boosted Gary's reach

As you can see, the Rangers tweet contributed 8,259 ‘impressions’. An impression means that it appeared in someones Twitter timeline and they could have read it.  (Tweet reach’s explanation of what this means is helpful)

And that’s it! Nothing clever or complex – share what you are up to and more people will know about it and who knows where that may lead? At the very least, it will make a good Facebook post:

I shared the good news again, it went down well

I hope to write a few more pre-conference blogs about social media, if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments below or tweet me.


About medavep
I work in the UK charity sector and sometimes I blog about fundraising, digital and consumer experience. Sometimes I just moan.

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