A fundraising lesson from Howard Buffet

What can the grandson of the legendary investor Warren Buffet tell us about fundraising? Well, regardless of your opinions on the validity of Buffet’s ‘private-sector savvy to the growing world of mega-philanthropy’ he is still a donor. And here’s that donor’s approach to giving:

“We will give you money to execute your mission,” Buffett says, “if you work together and identify the most cost-effective and successful ways to achieve that.”

How Howard Buffett Will Use His Grandfather’s Recipe For Riches To Disrupt Philanthropy, Fast Company

Putting aside the arguments about targeting philanthropy at an overall problem, using a scoring system, rather than giving to a single nonprofit (read the comments below the article), the message to me here is pretty clear.

Donors don’t like waste. Don’t waste their money. Show them you are not wasting it.

If I stick with that premise, I can’t go far wrong. Can I?



About medavep
I work in the UK charity sector and sometimes I blog about fundraising, digital and consumer experience. Sometimes I just moan.

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