The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign on Facebook

Here a few examples of posts that got people talking on the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign’s Facebook page

They pretty much cover all areas of the charity’s work; these are just a few highlights for you:


This was following the news about encouraging results of UK Duchenne exon skipping from July 2011.

Research on Facebook


This post was about our campaigning on the issue of Easyjet’s wheelchair policy:

Campaigning on Facebook


We often use Facebook to thank supporters for their support at a fundraising event (we also tweet about them, here’s why) as well as supporting the fundraising supporters are doing themselves. Like this:

Fundraising on Facebook

Information and support service

Back in June 2011 we shared details of a visit from from Muscular Dystrophy Nepal. We are pleased to now get regular updates from them via Facebook.

Information service on Facebook


That was just a few highlights to share with delegates at the MDC National Conference, if you want to see more of this stuff then get yourself over to Facebook.

See you there.



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I work in the UK charity sector and sometimes I blog about fundraising, digital and consumer experience. Sometimes I just moan.

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