Twitter fundraising in action – Listen, connect, thank!

Call it what you want – “social listening”, “keyword monitoring” – you can use social media to boost your charities fundraising. And it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Listen

You don’t know whose fundraising for you until the fundraiser tells you. Today, Sunday 8 Jan 2012 I was listening to the charities Twitter feed and I heard “I’m Skydiving for Muscular Dystrophy on 29th Feb Please sponsor me here & RT @TargetMD xx”

And when I say I was listening, I was listening to lots of different lists, filters and time lines on Tweet Deck.

Use Tweet Deck to listen

My advice is find lots of ways to listen.

(I have a life, honest, but I couldn’t resist a bit of tweeting on a Sunday for a fundraiser ready to dive out of a plane)

2. Connect

I hit re-tweet.

Plus did a bit of extra sharing:

Share things and connect people, it helps people fundraise

Sharing is always good. Sharing and storytelling help you to connect people.

And then…giving happened:

I've #justsponsored Charlotte Gazzard on @JustGiving. Support them and Muscular Dystrophy Campaign @…Thank

3. Thank

And finally, and most important of all, I said

thank you to the donors”

(I used storify to say thank you)

The bottom line

This was a good result but it might need to happen 100 times a day to fund a research project.

The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign is on Twitter because it is a fast cheap and friendly way to interact with people, and you can use that for many different purposes. Advice, info and support are the big reasons to use social media – people want us to be there because they are.

So social media isn’t just for fundraising but it is still a good idea.