I don’t want your money, I want your love! #BarcampNFP

Oh alright then, we’ll take your money ūüėČ

The next Barcamp Nonprofits unconference¬†event is¬†penciled¬†in for February 2013 (possibly for Social Media Week) and I have been tasked with finding a few sponsors. We don’t want (or need) huge piles of cash but a bit of pro bono support would go a really long way. So we will take your money if you want, but we’d rather have some love.

So, what is #BarcampNFP and why does it need sponsors?

Put simply, it is a free event for third sector/digital types to share their knowledge by running and participating in impromptu workshops/discussions Рthe objective is to learn. No one makes any money from the event and it is all coordinated by a group of volunteers (like me) who give their time because they think the event is worthwhile.

This is how we plan the impromtu sessions

This is how we plan the impromtu sessions

That is why we need a bit of pro bono support, because we have lots of ideas but no cash. So if your company could help out with stuff like a venue (100 people with break out space), live streaming kit, badges, pens, paper, t shirts, food, drink, cuddly toy etc. etc. It would be much appreciated. And there would be benefits for you too. What kind of benefit I hear you cry?

The benefits of sponsoring our Barcamp

  1. You get to come! We’ve had delegates at the past two events from several brands, including Audio Boo,¬†Blackbaud¬†and Fundraising.co.uk and those are just the ones I¬†remember.¬† Personally I think it is as useful an event as the Institute of Fundraising’s National Convention and, considering it is FREE It really does punch above its weight. But¬†don’t¬†take my word for it, come along.
  2. You get to hang out (or “network” if the boss asks) with 100 top people. Spanning a range of disciplines and sectors. This includes delegates from big brands like¬†UNICEF¬†and British Heart Foundation, right down to tiny non profit orgs like where I work.
  3. We will promote your brand. There is more social media than you can shake a tweet at going on at Barcamp, there are emails before and after, and your logo can take pride of place at the venue. Your brand will be out there, if you want it to be.
  4. You get to shape the event – this is the 3rd event so there is plenty of feedback and ideas on how we can make it even more awesome and you can get involved with that. In fact,¬†that’s¬†such a big subject it should have its own¬†section:

You can shape the event

In just one planning event we discussed quite a few good ideas that may or may not happen. Perhaps you would like to make sure one of those dreams come true? Do any of these  ideas flout your boat?

Live streaming

This could increase the reach and interaction at the event. You could sponsor that or help out with the kit.

Official live bloggers

Sometimes you cant fully participate in as session and tweet at the same time so perhaps a dedicated blogger would improve things. You could sponsor that or provide the service pro bono.

Shared note taking

We had volunteer taking and sharing notes online, we then all gobbled up the knowledge later. That could be branded, with your brand.

Google Hang out space

We all love to hang out right? One of the break out areas could be a hang out for added interaction and general feeling of being really groovy and modern just like Obama. You could sponsor that!

Want to know more?

If you have a questions about¬†sponsorship¬†I’m happy to answer them and if I don’t know the answer, I’m sure I know someone who does. You can leave a¬†comment¬†below or find me on the Twitter.

If you want to know more about what the event is like, you can read my beginners guide to Barcamp or check out the Storify from the last event.

I hope to see you at Barcamp in the new year.