‘Integration is a consumer expectation’

Well it’s certainly one of mine. Actually I should have used the word ‘supporter’ rather than ‘consumer’ to be true to the quote, as this was an outcome from a marketing and fundraising workshop that I ran earlier this year with colleagues at the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, but it seemed apt to a recent experience I consumed.

Along with most of twitter and the waking world, I was reading a lot about hackgate at the weekend and was interested to read Rupert Murdoch’s apology on page eight of my Guardian on Saturday (the fee was donated to charity by Guardian News and Media). At the bottom of the ad it said ‘for more information please visit newsinternatiaonaltional.co.uk’. Which I did. But the landing page did not live up to my expectations.

This did not match my expectations

Nothing about the apology, nothing about the ads in rival papers and nothing dated that day. For a website with news in the name, it was three days behind the news.

A topical reminder that when someone reads your print ad, they develop expectations about their online experience. If you don’t deliver on those expectations, you could be letting people down and your organisation could be missing out.