Food for thought – ‘let’s put a f**ckin end to famine’

My post for Blog Action Day 2011

This video from One International is a really good non-profit campaigning video – it makes its point fast and clear, again and again: Famine is manmade and has killed 30,000 children in 6 months.

That’s a story that should be told. But you won’t be seeing that version of it on UK TV any time soon.

You won’t see it because of a ‘prohibition on “political” advertising on television’. This specially rules out an advert ‘which is directed towards a political end.’

Charlie Becket blogged about the issue of whether this is right or not, he asked:

“The controversy not only raises issues about broadcast regulation, but also about NGOs. What right do they have to campaign on ‘political’ issues. How accountable are they and their celebrity supporters?”

For me, it’s a bit of a mute point. The charity commission allows charities to campaign (and offers extensive advice about it) so if we can’t get on the TV, we’ll just go digital. If Volkswagen can do it to sell cars, why can’t we to change the world?

Which bring me back to the point, for Blog Action Day 2011 I’m supporting One International, ‘let’s put a f**ckin end to famine’.


How not to blog

Follow these three simple steps for instant failure at blogging, guaranteed to win you links of people denouncing your “opportunism”, “bad taste” and for being “totally inappropriate”.

  1. Take something with guaranteed media attention, like a premature death of a celebrity
  1. Ludicrously shoe-horn it into your dull as ditchwater blog about small business
  1. Write an opportunistic headline (don’t forget that celebrity name now)

Voila! Link bait:

A very bad blog

This blog sucks

Alternatively, genuinely have something to say and say it in an interesting way that is easy to understand.