Online and on land, community happened #MDCNC

Almost exactly a week ago I was at the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign’s National Conference. A great day for me, because I put a lot of faces to avatars by meeting the people I have been interacting with (for well over a year in some cases). I was also glad our first attempt at live streaming the conference went to plan, taking the event into the homes of those who couldn’t make the trip to Nottingham. We’ll be improving on that for next year by getting rid of the ads and embedding the feed.

I also met new people and hopefully encouraged them to use social media the same way they were behaving at our conference – to share, to get know people and to make things happen.

That was the main goal of my presentation about our forum, to get people on their and make community happen (with a little help from my awarding wining mods).

I pre-recorded my spiel as a screen cast and stuck it on you tube:

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